Capacity Building and Support Services

The Institute provides support services to a number of organisations which includes: Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (NMBM), Red Location Museum, South End Museum, Northern Areas People Development Initiative (NAPDI), and the Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA)

The Institute organisational support services includes the following

  • strategic planning
  • project and management support
  • policy development to address governance challenges
  • to develop financial  control system and integrate with the day to day operational functions to NGOs, CBOs and emerging companies.

Members of the Institute provide volunteers to the Northern Areas People Development Initiative (NAPDI) to assist and support this civil society structure to play their important roles in shaping democracy in South Africa.

The Institute adopted the five central AVP pillars of affirmation, communication, cooperation, community building and creative conflict resolution, AVP comprehensively introduces methods for reaching consensus and building relationships of reciprocity, resolving conflicts rather than reacting to them and learning communication skills that can de-escalate potentially violent and dangerous confrontations in any cultural environment.